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Agent Support

With robust technical product support, educational resources, and the best contracts available, ARG is the ideal partner to trust with your customers. ARG strives to provide a superior agent experience through constant, meaningful communication and support. ARG also offers customized levels of on-going telecom support to meet your needs and the needs of your customers. While telecom service providers are cutting back, ARG looks forward to providing you with a complete service environment to help your business grow.

Pricing Requests:

PreSales Product & Provider Questions:

Steve Murphy will assist with your product and carrier questions, or get you in touch with the right ARG resource. Steve can be reached at 703-770-2459.

Paperwork Requests:

Keisha Lacy will be your primary contact for paperwork. Keisha's phone number is, 703-597-5184

Order Submission:

When you are ready to place an order, please send the complete signed paperwork package to Jeff Giron, Director of Implementation, 703-770-2416, will assign an ARG Project Manager who will keep you posted on the progress of the order and keep the carrier on track

Trouble Escalations: 703-770-2400

For help in escalating minor service issues, MACs or billing issues, contact If you need assistance with a service outage, please call our 24/7 hotline at 703-770-2400. Steve Grimsley heads up our Customer Service Department and can be reached at 703-770-2418.

Commission Questions:

If you are not getting the response you need from a carrier or ARG, please email Heather Campbell, 703-770-2411, is available to assist you with all escalations.

Don't worry, if you choose the wrong mailbox for your request, we will get it redirected to the right ARG resource.