ARG (Master Agent)


About ARG


ARG has been in business since 1991, starting out as a small consulting firm offering affinity programs and strategic planning to national associations in the DC area. Affinity programs fed into telecom services. Telecom led to branching out beyond the national association marketplace.

Having built strong relationships that provide the ability to offer unmatched financial and service benefits to our telecom clients, ARG focused exclusively on telecom consulting services. Over the years, we have evolved into one of the most respected telecom agencies in the country. In fact, our mission is to be just that.


ARG believes in doing what's best for our customers, and doing it in an ethical way. We believe in this so strongly that ARG was the only company recognized by the Washington Post Top Workplaces in 2015 with an Ethics Award. We look for employees who have the same values, and have been incredibly lucky to recruit the foremost technology experts in the industry on conferencing, hosted voice, SIP, data centers and cloud. ARG encourages going above and beyond in order to make sure that our customers have the best telecom experience possible. This might sound like lip-service to some, but ARG customer testimonials speak for themselves.

ARG empowers employees to take care of the customer and trusts them to do the right thing for all parties involved. ARG is confident that if we do the right thing for the customer, in the end, it will be the best thing for ARG.

ARG is a paradox, a telecom consultancy firm on the cutting edge of new technology offering good old-fashioned customer service in the most low-tech of ways – by talking to you, by meeting with you, by getting to know you and your business.

ARG's philosophy is one of mutual respect. Respect for clients and the telecom service they entrust to ARG's care. Respect for ARG employees and the service they provide to clients. And respect for the telecom carriers that we represent.

ARG is not striving to be the biggest telecom consultancy. Nor is ARG seeking to achieve huge profits by skimping on after-sale support. ARG is seeking to achieve its business goals by focusing on a single word: Respect.